Opossum Creek site

Campsites like this one at Opossum Creek plan to be closed next year at Lake Shelbyville due to federal budget cuts.

Federal budget cuts will force three areas of Lake Shelbyville to close next year: Lone Point, Opossum Creek, and Whitley Creek.

Jon Summers, operations manager for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Lake Shelbyville, said the corps has to make decisions due to fiscal restraints.

“According to the president’s budget, we are being cut 38 percent here and Rend Lake is also experiencing cuts,” Summers said. “We have a three-year budget process and we recently found out that we had to make adjustments. We wanted to have the least impact as possible and yet maintain our budget.”

Summers said the cuts were in the recreational business line at Lake Shelbyville. However, basic maintenance will continue at those locations. He said the boat ramps will remain open unless they are misused or vandalized, at which time the boat ramps also will be shut down.

Summers holds out hope that things could change.

“This is what we are facing based on what we are to receive in fiscal year 2020,” Summers said. “If we get funding back, we may get to open those areas next year.”

Recreational areas normally begin to close at Lake Shelbyville after Labor Day.

Opossum Creek is closed for the season now and the group camp at Lone Point will be available until the water freezes.

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