1-4 winners

From left, Mike Borries, Tim Wilson, Dennis Borries, Eric Willenborg, Mitch Lustig and Rex Borries display their winning MegaMillions ticket. The men, all employed by C&J Masonry of Newton, will net slightly more than $30,000 each after taxes are deducted from the total prize of $250,000.

A group of co-workers from C&J Masonry in Newton was supposed to go back to work Monday.

    Instead, the group was driving to Fairview Heights to claim their $250,000 prize from a MegaMillions lottery ticket. The group, including three brothers, will receive slightly more than $30,000 each after taxes are removed.

    The lucky group includes brothers Rex, Mike and Dennis Borries, along with Eric Willenborg, Tim Wilson and Mitch Lustig. Rex Borries said it’s not the first time the guys threw down $5 to buy a MegaMillions ticket.

    “We’ve been doing it for 10 years or longer,” Rex said. “We only get in when it (the jackpot) gets over $100 million.”

    The men bought the ticket Friday at the Mach 1 Food Shop, popularly known as Louie’s Corner, at the intersection of Illinois 32/33 and Lake Sara Road. Saturday, Mike Borries checked the Illinois Lottery website to see how they did.

    “It was pretty incredible,” Mike said.

    So incredible that he checked again.

    “After I double-checked, it was looking real good, so I triple-checked,” he added.

    Mike called the other winners and the group was at the store within two hours to pick up a claim form. Monday, the guys met outside Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Effingham for a trip to the Illinois Lottery regional office in Fairview Heights to get their ticket certified and begin the process of claiming their prize.

    Dennis Borries said the group has won before, but never like this.

    None of the guys has any specific plans for the new year windfall.

    “I’m just going to catch up on a few bills,” Mike said. “It’s a very good way to start the new year.

    “This just helps us pay some bills and get ahead a little bit.”

    Mike said the group buys four or five MegaMillions tickets a year. In fact, the group already has a ticket bought for tonight’s drawing.

    The C&J group was the second large lottery prize winner in less than a month who bought a ticket at an Effingham County business. Effingham taxi driver Charlie Woods won $150,000 from a Little Lotto ticket earlier in December.

    Mach 1 Food Shop manager Shannon Cushman said the C&J group won the largest prize from a ticket bought at her store since she has been manager.

    “It’s nice that someone from around here won it,” Cushman said.

    The C&J Masonry group wasn’t the only winner as a result of Friday’s drawing. Another $250,000 prize is due to someone who bought a ticket at a store in the Edgar County village of Kansas.

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