EHS presents 'The Crucible' starting Thursday

Effingham High School is presenting the play "The Crucible." Pictured, front row, from left, are Abigael Baez-Patino, Betty Baez-Patino, Chuck Westendorf, Jarrett Swan and Austin Hagen; second row, Ashton Baker, Christian Dison, Noah McCammon, Collin Baker, Cole Stanfield, Eli Wilson, J.P. Crowell and Caralee Hayes; third row, Austin Zumbahlen, Libby Fricke, Isabella Jorn, Jonathan Coffin, Jada Parsely, Isabella Munoz, Teagan Maloney, Olivia Stanfield, Mitchell Coffin and Jared Chestnut. Submitted photo

Effingham High School will be presenting the play "The Crucible" in the EHS Hearts Rocks Cafe Sept. 27-29 at 7 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the door. Prices are $6 for adults and $5 for students.

Arthur Miller's spin on the Salem Witch Trials was chosen this year to challenge the students in a more intimate theatrical performance. Being performed in a "Black Box"-style theater with the audience very near stage gives the students an opportunity to really delve into the intensity of the play itself, and the audience a chance to feel as if they are a part.

Theatrical productions have seemingly always been a way to outsource opinions on matters risen high in society. Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" is no different. Written in 1953 as a way to guardedly cry out against Sen. Joseph McCarthy and his House Committee on what they deemed un-American activities, Arthur Miller took to 1962 Salem, and its witch trials. Winning the 1953 Tony Award for Best Play, "The Crucible" is constantly being staged even today. With its cautionary tail of the supernatural and political manipulation, the message of the play continues its viability in times of political upheaval even now.

The cast for "The Crucible" is Abigail Baez-Patino, Chuck Westendorf, Erin Browne, Jarrett Swan, Austin Hagen, Christian Dison, Collin Baker, Cole Stanfield, Catherine Koterba, Eli Wilson, J.P. Crowell, Caralee Hayes, Libby Fricke, Isabella Jorn, Jonathan Coffin, Jada Parsley, Isabella Munoz, Teagan Maloney, Olivia Stanfield and Jared Chestnut

Crew members include Ashton Baker, Austin Zumbahlen, Noah McCammon, and Betty Baez-Patino. Production team includes Tracie Riley, Director; Jim Borrelli, Set and Lighting Design, Set Construction Chief; Mitchell Coffin, Student Director; Libby Fricke, Student Stage Manager; and Makayla Allie, Makeup and Costume Mistress.

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