Beecher City village president

Rita Sue Felty and Larry Haslett

Rita Sue Felty and Larry Haslett are running for Beecher City village president on Tuesday.

Felty, 64, has a high school education and a few college level courses. She has her insurance producers course and license. She is a retired after 45 years as a cake decorator and worked in restaurant management for years. Felty taught cake decorating for The Wilton Company and sold insurance. She lives with her husband Allen Felty and has two sons, Tim and Adam and six grandchildren. Felty became of member of the Beecher City Ruritan this month.

Haslett, 47, is a graduate of Altamont High School and employed as a mechanic at Effingham Tire Center. Haslett has a fiancee, Ashley Friese, children Emma and Finn and four children from a previous marriage, Larry, Steven, Kimberlee and Mystee.

They answered questions from the Effingham Daily News about the election.

Is there any reason that motivated you to run for office?

Rita Sue Felty: I want to see Beecher move in a positive direction.

Larry Haslett: Changes are not being made in the community and I think that I can make those changes happen.

What do you feel qualifies you for the position?

Rita Sue Felty: I have a strong desire to improve my town and am willing to learn all I can to do all I can to reach that goal.

Larry Haslett: I'm family oriented as are most everyone in the community so I'll push for the best results.

What sets you apart from your opponents?

Rita Sue Felty: The only thing I can think of right now is I have a burning desire to improve my little town and I am concerned about all of it's citizens.

Larry Haslett: I do believe my opponent wants the same, but not sure.

What are the most important issues specific to your race?

Rita Sue Felty: Continue to push for better water system in Beecher and promote local business and encourage community involvement.

Larry Haslett: No Response

What are some of the things you hope to get accomplished if elected?

Rita Sue Felty: See the water issue resolved. Start a new neighborhood watch. Improve Beecher City's image – It's a great place to live and full of friendly, helpful citizens!

Larry Haslett: I hope to get the water lines changed for not only better water pressure but a more healthy water supply. I would also like to see village employees do a better job around the village. More events if possible. Also to bring new business to our small community.