The 39th Reunion of the Gottfried and Wilhelmine (Dublin) Bandelow family was held on Sunday, Sept. 1, 2019 at the St. Paul ELCA Lutheran Church Parish Hall. Vic Muchow opened with prayer for all 20 family& friends present who enjoyed the Potluck meal.

Martha Shelton and Carolyn Heinz conducted the business meeting, updates were given to those who have family History Books. A group photo was taken of those present this year.

The following were recognized: Oldest person: Orville Bandelow.

Youngest person: Lane Heinz

Traveled the farthest: Terry & Susan Freese.

Guess jar winner: Mile McGuire and many Bingo winners!!

The following was recorded since last year: Marriages (2) Births (8) Deaths (9).

Those present: Jeanine and Vic Muchow, Emily Lambert, Springfield, IL; Orville Bandelow and Betty Lyon, Mt. Pulaski, IL; Dan and Sandra Weber, Bethany, IL; Ralph Bandelow, Marsha Bandelow, Decatur, IL; Lucille Beccue, Gary and Joyce Winter, Mike and Patti Wolf, Bernice Graumenz, Martha Shelton, Gary Larimore, Carolyn and Charles Heinz, Altamont, IL; Jennifer Maze, Bloomington, IL; Ellen Keller, Salem, IL; Philip and Lane Heinz, Miranda Baker and Draven Baker, Demian Baker, Louisville, IL; Eloise McGuire, Mike McGuire, Edgewood, IL; Terry and Susan Freese, Cornell, IL.

The next Reunion will be held on Sept, 6, 2020 at St. Paul ELCA Lutheran Church Parish Hall, Altamont. The Committee for next year’s reunion in 2020 is made up of Annette Altmann, Carolyn Heinz, Eloise McGuire.

Thank you to all who came this year and thank you to this year Committee of Martha Shelton and Carolyn Heinz. Remember and please note that next year will be the 40th Annual Reunion so mark your calendar and join us for a great turn out. See you there!

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