Sunrise Rotarians learn about Zero Harm

Pictured is Michael Wall, Dr. Ryan Jennings and new Rotary President Katie Koester.

Dr. Ryan Jennings, Chief Medical Officer at HSHS St Anthony's Memorial Hospital, spoke on the Zero Harm goal of the hospital and what its has done to help make Zero Harm obtainable.

Jennings touched on hygiene, medications, patient identification and communication changes used by the hospital to reach this goal.

HSHS has introduced barcode armbands for every patient to scan and confirm patient ID, along with verbal confirmation of patient's identification.

New electric hand hygiene monitoring technology helps track how many times a HSHS employee washes their hands per shift. Hands should be washed before and after entering a room when seeing a patient. By scanning their employee name badge while using the hand washing station, HSHS St. Anthony is able to monitor how many times and when an employee washes his or her hands, helping to reach that Zero Harm goal.

Several upgrades have been made to the technology at the hospital as well.

EPIC is an electronic health record system that has been implemented at all HSHS locations. Warming blankets are available for patients, as well as a new nurse call light in every room. Now when needing a nurse, a patient is able to indicate their need with the push of a button. HSHS has also provided Alter G anti-gravity treadmills that are used at its Richard E. Workman Sports and Wellness Complex location.

Medication policies have also changed to help prevent harm to patients.

Medications from home are no longer allowed to be administered while in the hospital. All medication must come directly from the hospital to help prevent any contamination. This is the policy of Medicare and HSHS St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital.

New renovation of the Emergency Room will be complete this July. The renovation will allow private rooms in the ER for more privacy; along with a sleek, modern and up-to-date design.

With a focus on customer convenience, the hospital has expanded on outpatient behavior health with TeleMeds and Skype options. They have also expanded the locations in Effingham, Newton and Altamont.

Dr. Kevin Calder, MD, FRCSC, is a plastic surgeon who has recently been added to the HSHS staff. With a desire to expand on patient needs, a new referral program has also been launched to help recruit doctors to join the HSHS staff. Now, you can refer a doctor to HSHS St Anthony's Memorial Hospital and if the doctor is hired as a staff member, you have the opportunity to be rewarded for your efforts with $10,000. More information can be found on the hospital's website.