Strasburg announces results of annual Halloween celebration

Phil and Brittany Kaufman Family dressed as Toy Story’s Woody, Bo Peep and her sheep, Addison, Caroline and Emmitt, were named the Overall Grand Prize Winner of the Strasburg Halloween Celebration.

The Annual Strasburg Halloween Celebration sponsored by Liberty Post 289 of the American Legion was Oct. 25. Winners of the costume contest were:

Under 3 Years Old

Group 1 — First Place, Jaxon Storm; Second Place, Harper Layton; Third Place, Hadley Musson

Group 2 First Place, Caibrie Pieper; Second Place, Zachary Eubanks; Third Place, Barrett Beltz

Storybook & Fairy Tales

Group 1 — First Place, Hadleigh Faletic; Second Place, Addelyn Eubanks; Third Place, Olivia Vonderheide

Group 2 — First Place, Rowyn Foreman; Second Place, Ivey Smith; Third Place, Slone Montgomery

TV & Movies

Group 1 — First Place, Phil, Brittany, Addison, Caroline and Emmitt Kaufman; Second Place, Jacob Vonderheide; Third Place, Kinley Wieseman

Group 2 — First Place, Savanah Burry; Second Place, Chloe Hanley; Third Place, Madilyn and Kinsley Haarmann

Monsters, Ghosts & Witches

First Place — First Place, Reed Smith; Second Place, Claire Hanley; Third Place, Aubrey Brown


First Place, Noah Friese; Second Place, Camden Boyer


First Place, Brielle Friese and Camden Layton; Second Place, Hadley Thrush; Third Place, Abby Brown


Group 1 — First Place, Derk Friese; Second Place, Adeline Brown; Third Place, Kennedy Kull

Group 2 — First Place, Finn Friese; Second Place, Charlie Moffett; Third Place, Zach and Roxy Shelton


First Place, Joel Berman and Karen Kaufman; Second Place, Kathleen Agney; Third Place, Candie Kessler

Overall Grand Prize Winner

Phil and Brittany Kaufman family (Toy Story’s Woody, Bo Peep and her sheep)

Merchants drawing winners

$25 each — John Cress, John Monroe, Linda Oakley

$5 each — Charles Culver, Noah Friese, Kathy Brown, Caroline Kaufman, Glen Spannagel, Twila Faletic, Cinda Held, Linda Debolt, John Waters, Mark Kull, Tom Newell, Sarah Wyckoff, Wilma Boys, Kathryn Hartman, Harold Hartman, Susan Mueller, Chris Doehring, Linda Price, May Kull, Holly Giertz, Shirley Debolt, Emmett Kaufman, Alexis Agney, Brittany Sheehan, Doug Brown, James Monroe, Kathleen Agney, Jodie Quast, Ron Zidek, Morgan Mathis, Carol Salazar, Aubrey Brown, Adeline Brown, Hadleigh Faletic, Kenton Augenstein, Roger Kull, Katie Caldwell, Tyler Sheehan, McKenzie Monroe, Lori Mathis, Brock Friese, Bill Hatten, Dale Vonderheide, Mikayla Monroe

One sheet of stamps each — Don Debolt, Kennedy Kull

$10 each — Bonnie Vonderheide, Abby Brown, Brielle Friese, Shae Vonderheide, Rex Foreman, Anna Brown, Janet Schultz

$25 coupon — Brittany Kaufman, Theron Newell

Basket arrangement — Sabrina Nash

Case of water — Derryl Pikesh

Small ice cream cone coupon — Koda Burry, Marilyn Kull, Skylar Vonderheide, Dan Sheehan, Shyann Schultz, Collier Faletic, Joann Sheehan, Lorne Faletic, Lisa Cress, Marvin Debolt, Finn Friese, Evelyn Augenstein

VIP car/truck wash coupon — Diana Vonderheide, Jamie Brown, Sue Pikesh, Steve Blythe, Leslie Newell

6-inch sub sandwich coupon — Don Wallace, Phil Kaufman, Krystal Friese, Ada Mathias, Kathy Eckstein, Amy Burry, Savannah Burry, Addison Kaufman, Carl Debolt, Betty Mueller

Free haircut each — Rhonda Kull, Kathy Durbin

Fall decoration — Angie Edwards

Honey — Skylar Vonderheide

Bucket, shirts and three bottles of spirits — Lorne Faletic

One-year newspaper subscription — Marilyn Kull

Coupon for 1 pound of sausage — Shyann Schultz

The winner of the 50/50 was Chris Doehring.

The members of the Strasburg American Legion Post 289 and American Legion Auxiliary Unit 289 wish to thank all members of the community who donated pies, cakes for the cake walk, who attended and supported both the Legion and the Auxiliary in their annual Halloween celebration. Proceeds from the evening’s event will be used for various programs to assist the veterans, the children and members of the community.

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