Estephani Cuatzozon, the daughter of Olga Aroche and Misael Cuatzozon of Stewardson, was named the September High School Student of the Month. She is a sophomore.

Her teachers nominated her because she is kind to others, responsible, a hard worker and has a good attitude. At school, she participates in the Business and Spanish Club. At home, she likes to help her dad and sometimes gets to drive a tractor. In school, her favorite subject is math. She enjoys solving problems and working with numbers.

In the future, she hopes to graduate from high school and college. When she gets a job, she would like to help her parents retire early. She also hopes to build a dream home one day somewhere with a lot of very green trees, plants, multiple flowers and a pond. Last, she hopes to travel some and also take her parents with her. In her free time, she loves to draw, watch Anime, read and play video games.

Cael Thomas, the son of Wesley and Diana Thomas of Strasburg, was named the September Junior High School Student of the Month. He is an eighth grader.

His teachers nominated him because he is kind, respectful, hardworking and completes all of his work. At school, he participates in Game Club with Dr. Kinkley and enjoys every minute of it. His favorite subject in school is social studies. He likes to learn about America and other countries. In his free time, he likes to play Dungeons and Dragons, other board and card games, video games and he enjoys cooking for his family. In the future, he hopes to join the Marines and be a Combat Engineer.

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