St. Anthony's Wound Healing Center honored

Front row, seated, from left, are Mike Janis, executive director of Outpatient and Ancillary Services; Jeremiah Roberts, RN, CHT; Core Hess, APRN; and Dr. Jason McAllaster. Back row, standing, from left, are Sarah Williams, CNA, FOC; Dr. Thomas Heischmidt; Pam Westfall, front office coordinator; Tory Buhnerkempe, RN, CWCA; Gena Jones, RN; Cindy Einhorn, RN; Jennifer Lohman, LPN; Dr. Jeff Brummer, medical director of the Wound Healing Center; Patsy Lilly, RN, CWCA, clinical coordinator; and Mary Huffman, director of the Wound Healing Center.

HSHS St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital’s Wound Healing Center was recognized nationally with two awards for its clinical excellence and exceptional patient satisfaction. The awards were presented by Healogics, nation's largest provider of advanced wound care services.

St. Anthony's Wound Healing Center team was recently given the Robert A. Warriner III, M.D., Center of Excellence award for the eighth year in a row. St. Anthony’s Wound Healing Center opened in 2010, and has won this award from Healogics since it first became eligible, making them one of only four centers nationwide that have won this award consecutively.

St. Anthony’s Wound Healing Center has achieved patient satisfaction rates higher than 92 percent and a healing rate of at least 91 percent in less than 30 median days to heal, for a minimum of two consecutive years. Out of 413 eligible Healogics Centers, 342 were honored with this award. The award is named for Dr. Robert A. Warriner III, a pioneer in wound care and the former Chief Medical Officer for Healogics.

By meeting these high quality standards, St. Anthony’s Wound Healing Center also received the “Center of Distinction” Award for the ninth year in a row. The Center achieved outstanding clinical outcomes for 12 consecutive months for patient satisfaction, wound healing rate and other quality standards outlined above.

Dr. Jeff Brummer, medical director of St. Anthony’s Wound Healing Center, expressed his appreciation for the center winning this award repeatedly over the last number of years. “It takes a certain level of dedication, commitment and talent to achieve this level of exceptional care year after year, which is a reflection on the physicians and staff that are associated with St. Anthony’s Wound Healing Center,” Brummer said. “It just demonstrates that when people are passionate about their health care professions, enjoy working together, and combine advanced training with compassionate care, it shows.”

Mary Huffman, BSN, MSM, director of the Wound Healing Center, shared, “I am happy to be a part of the HSHS St. Anthony’s Wound Healing Center. Each patient here is treated with compassionate and professional care. Chronic wounds can affect our patients and their families in so many ways. It is rewarding to help them improve the quality of their lives. Our exceptional patient engagement and healing rates demonstrate the high quality care that is provided. We are honored to be recognized again by receiving the Center of Distinction and Center of Excellence awards, but it is truly about serving those who are in need of our specialized care at the HSHS St. Anthony’s Wound Healing Center.”