Monica Monat BabesShelbyville resident recognized for making positive impact in community

Maggie Daniel

MONAT Gratitude, the philanthropic movement behind MONAT Global (MONAT), has recognized Maggie Daniel as a 2021-22 Gratitude Ambassador for her dedication to giving back to her community and spirit of gratitude. Only 30 out of more than 400,000 Independent Market Partners globally are selected for this leadership role each year.

Daniel actively donates her time to her local church, helping establish a new location in her hometown, as well as serving on the stage design team at their original site. Daniel also participates in Christmas charities like Angel Tree and is a Christmas Warrior for Reece’s Rainbow, helping fund adoptions for orphans with special needs.

As a Gratitude Ambassador, Daniel will serve as a MONAT Gratitude liaison, sharing key information about the movement and inviting Market Partners to embrace the spirit of giving back. She will also help shape the MONAT Gratitude mission by providing insight, sharing ideas, and participating in brainstorming events with the corporate team. Lastly, Daniel is responsible for organizing and leading MONAT Gratitude efforts in her community.

“MONAT Gratitude was founded on the belief that when we all embrace the spirit of giving back, we can make a positive impact,” said Lu Urdaneta, MONAT Global chief culture officer and MONAT Gratitude CEO. “Our Gratitude Ambassadors exemplify this idea, and we are so appreciative of their leadership, dedication and giving spirit. There is so much power in community and kindness, so I can’t wait to see the positive change this group of individuals will bring to their communities across the globe.”

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