Navy Veteran, former police officer, former IRS Analyst, Harley-Davidson enthusiast and Republican Peggy Hubbard officially announced her campaign to unseat longtime incumbent Dick Durbin.

Hubbard said, “I’ll fight for tax relief for our working families, residents and seniors living on a fixed income. I’ll work to provide opportunity by building up our struggling and forgotten communities in Illinois.”

Peggy, known for blunt honesty, began outlining her reform agenda continuing to say, “Illinoisans are taxed to death, and career politicians like Dick Durbin are so focused on their politics that they forget our communities. He continues to put his political agenda in front of our people in Illinois, and I’m not going to let that happen anymore. Our people in Illinois need a fighter who will take on the Washington elite and demand a seat at the table for regular people like us.”

Hubbard added, “I’ll advocate for the dignity and protection of all human life, not just for the unborn, but the victims of opioid abuse, those who fall between the cracks of the system, and all other vulnerable folks in our state. I’ll defend our Second Amendment and the rest of the Bill of Rights. To me, this isn’t about hunting or a high-minded Constitutional debate. It’s about making sure a single mother living in the projects, surrounded by gang bangers, can defend herself and her family.”

She also stated, “I’ll be fighting every single day for the regular people who want the opportunity to live, work and prosper in Illinois. They deserve the same opportunity at being part of the American Dream as previous generations. That means safer schools with more choices for parents and students. It also means infrastructure that isn’t about to collapse. And yes, it means access to real quality private-sector health care that they can afford.”

Peggy concluded, “Campaigns against incumbents who have spent decades in Washington taking money from special interests and those who make their living through a broken system are never easy, but no change worth fighting for ever is. Working together with people across our state who are fed up with the business as usual politics, we will make a change and prioritize our people again.”

A single mother raised Hubbard in a poverty-stricken area of St. Louis with the help of her maternal grandparents. . Hubbard has been married for 25 years to Charlie, a decorated police officer of 30 years, who was seriously wounded in the line of duty in 2016, but continues to serve his community. She is the mother of six and grandmother of 18.

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