About 30,000 Illinois students are enrolled in the more than 346 agriculture education programs available to them, preparing them for careers in the agriculture, food, fiber, fuel and natural resource industry. A bulk of these students, 20,671 of them, have also made the decision to be a part of FFA, Illinois’ largest Career and Technical Student Organization. The support of the Illinois Foundation FFA is a necessary part of the formula that makes a tremendous difference in the lives and experiences of all FFA members.

The South Central FFA Chapter is partnering with the Illinois Foundation FFA, business owners, caring individuals, sponsoring committee volunteers and agriculture teachers to conduct a statewide collection drive to support the leadership, career development and recognition programs of FFA at the chapter, section, district and state levels. The 2020-21 goal for the collection drive is $325,000.

Funding the Illinois Foundation FFA directly supports the future of the Illinois Association FFA and its members through support of local chapters and its members for leadership conferences, leadership camps, Supervised Agriculture Experience grants, plaques and awards for Proficiency Awards, travel stipends and scholarships for students to pursue further education after highs school. Furthermore, it provides financial support to the state FFA convention, state officers, career development events and state FFA degrees.

The Illinois Foundation FFA is one of the oldest, consistently running nonprofit FFA Foundations in the United States.

To support the FFA programs, contributions may be made payable to the IllinoisFoundation FFA and sent to South Central FFA, 800 West Washington Farina, IL 62838 no later than Jan. 31 or you may make an online donation at https://secure.acceptiva.com/?cst=00bede. If you choose to make the donation online, send an email to rduckworth@illinoisffa.org and state that you want South Central FFA to receive credit for collecting the donation.

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