Every year Illinois Public Risk Fund, a public entity workers' compensation program, recognizes the best member agency from the 736 members that have had the most success in lowering workers' compensation losses, as well as managing claims.

On a yearly basis, both IPRF Loss Control and Claims Division Representatives nominate one of the IPRF member agencies from their regional territory. To achieve this honor, IPRF members must have an effective safety program in place, as well as an efficient claims management process. Most notable criteria are that the member must actively promote safety awareness at every level of its organization; it should have an active Safety Committee that reviews employee accidents and recommends safety improvements; and it should be continuously involved in managing claims. Other qualifying criteria include a loss ratio under 25 percent and being an IPRF member of five or more years.

Lake Land College in Coles County has achieved the recognition of being the 2016 IPRF Member of the Year.

Lake Land College administration and staff have exhibited their commitment to reducing workplace injuries by conducting regular safety training programs, having an active safety committee and implementing programs that prevent workplace accidents. In recognition of its claims management, Lake Land College has been proactive, responding and being timely with managing and handling a work-related injury claim. The college's risk management philosophy is take care of our injured workers and then support them to ensure a smooth transition in the process of returning them to work.

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