The 76th Friese Reunion was Aug. 27 at Forest Park pavilion in Shelbyville.

Donald and Lela Friese were the hosts. After the table prayer, 24 family and friends enjoyed a meal.

After the meal, a short business meeting was held. Minutes of the last meeting were read. With no old business, new business was discussed. Christine Bailey and David Lugar will host the 2020 reunion.

Mary Punke was the candy jar winner with the correct count of 50 pieces of candy.

Attending the reunion were Kimber and Debbie Reed of Pleasant Plain; Lowell and Zelma Shouse of Windsor; Janet Friese, Dorothy Gammon of Naperville; Mary Punke of Elliot; Carol Glenn of Forsyth; Charles and Nelda McCoy of Decatur; Charles and Rachel Maser of Tremont; Sandra Friese, Scott Friese, Brittaney Friese , Lela Friese and Maurice Lugar of Stewardson; Brad and Arlene Friese of Strasburg; Christine and Tom Bailey of Sullivan; David and Lisa Lugar and Mikayla McDevitt of Effingham.

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