The following dissolutions of marriage or civil union judgments were granted in Effingham County during the months of July, August, September, October and November:

July 2 — Kyle Morrison of Honolulu and Nicole Morrison of Effingham

Tamara (Davis) Rich of Effingham and Robert Rich

James Larimer of Effingham and Janice (Day) Larimer of Effingham

July 3 — Scott Clark of Effingham and Amber (Cornwell) Clark of Mason

July 5 — Deannia (Crivello) Kesl of Hot Springs, Arkansas, and James Kesl of Effingham

July 8 — Susan (Will) Gillespie of Effingham and Allan Gillespie of Teutopolis

July 10 — Constance McCarty of Effingham and John McCarty of Effingham

John Pals of Teutopolis and Kathleen (Schumacher) Pals of Effingham

July 24 — Brent Anderson and Rachel (Geving) Anderson

Erin (Holt) Miller of Shelbyville and Phillip Miller of Effingham

July 26 — Kelsey (Alexander) Systo of Dieterich and Mikel Systo of Ste. Marie

July 31 — Mark Yates of Strasburg and Rebecca (Wilden) Yates of Altamont

Aug. 7 — Kevin Kade of Effingham and Briana (Douthit) Kade of Effingham

Debra (Fraham) Bence of Shelbyville and Timothy Bence of Effingham

Aug. 13 — James Starner of Altamont and Jerry (Spencer) Starner of Effingham

Aug. 14 — Jasmyne (Carson) Tucker of Greenup and James Tucker of Effingham

Aug. 15 — Jamie (Whitehead) Schumacher of Brownstown and Kelly Schumacher of Effingham

Christina (Schlanser) Sparling of Altamont and Adam Sparling of Mason

Aug. 16 — Shad Petersen of Mason and Dessa (Goff) Petersen of Dieterich

Aug. 26 — Benjamin McDaniel of Dieterich and Samantha (Haberland) McDaniel of Dieterich

Aug. 27 — Desirae (Moschenrose) Apke of Strasburg and Zachary Apke of Effingham

Sept. 3 — Zachary Henson of Chicago and Teri (Baird) Henson of Effingham

Steven Williams of Effingham and Kathleen (Taylor) Williams of Effingham

Ryan Woods of Effingham and Charlotte Pursian of Champaign

Sept. 6 — Karen Norris of Effingham and Leonard Ledbetter of Effingham

Sept. 9 — Jody (Hoffman) Kirby of Watson and Travis Kirby of Watson

Michelle (Olds) Holland of Altamont and Roger Holland of Effingham

Sept. 11 — Carissa Oyler of Effingham and David Thompson of Effingham

Sept. 12 — Marshal Brummer of Effingham and Molly (Crow) Brummer

Sept. 18 — Joshua Germer of Effingham and Renee (Shadwell) Germer of Effingham

Sept. 20 — Dan Koester of Effingham and Janie (Bieber) Koester of Shelbyville

Sept. 23 — Joseph Hoback of Savannah, Georgia, and Natasha (Thoele) Hoback of Effingham

Robert Harder II of Altamont and Caroline (Huelskoetter) Harder of Altamont

Sept. 24 — Ashley (Eskew) Sharp of Mattoon and Taylor Sharp of Dieterich

Sept. 26 — Charles Shepard of St. Peters, Missouri, and Katherine (Kurilo) Shepard of Altamont

Oct. 1 — Kayla (Endebrock) Price of Effingham and Jeremy Price of Watson

Brian Hoene of Sigel and Sherry (Bryan) Hoene Effingham

Tracey (Farris) Campe of Bloomington and Wayne Campe of Effingham

Oct. 9 — Darrell Tolzmann of Effingham and Victoria (Becker) Tolzmann of Belmont, North Carolina

Oct. 15 — Melissa (Earnest) Paholke and Johnathon Paholke

Oct. 18 — Jeffrey Bushue of Effingham and Tracey (Schultz) Bushue of Effingham

Oct. 25 — Anthony Roedl and Shelby (Slifer) Roedl

Joseph Marchese of Wheaton, Maryland, and Elizabeth (Baker) Marchese of Effingham

Oct. 28 — Heather (Reiling) McGee of Charleston and Eric McGee of Effingham

Nov. 4 — Derek Wilson and Erin Barton

Diane (Norris) Nosbisch and Martin Nosbisch

Nov. 5 — Andrea (Kirby) Ohnesorge of Wheeler and Brian Ohnesorge of Mason

Benjamin Kemme of Shumway and Amanda (Mercer) Kemme of Teutopolis

Nov. 6 — Gerri (Cawthron) Novak of Merrillville, Indiana, and Chester Novak of Watson

Scott Fairbanks and Barbara (Willenborg) Fairbanks

Nov. 13 — Devin Logsdon of Effingham and Samantha Logsdon of Shelbyville

Nov. 15 — Richard Mann of La Grange, North Carolina, and Tammy (Rivenbark) Mann of Dieterich

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