The 44th Annual Lake Shelbyville Eco-Meet, coordinated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, was held at Camp Camfield Ecological Study Area on Oct. 211.

The Eco-Meet is an environmental competition for school students who are in junior high and high school. Junior varsity teams are comprised of four students from grades seven and eight. Varsity teams are made up of four high school students from grades nine through 12.

A total of 140 students from 35 schools competed in this year’s event. Junior varsity event topics included White-tailed Deer, Rivers and Streams, and Illinois Forest Products. Varsity teams tested over Easter Wild Turkey, Tallgrass Prairie, and Soil Science and Illinois Soils.

There were 18 junior varsity teams and 17 varsity teams in the competition. Junior varsity results are for first place, Litchfield; second place, Cumberland; third place, Casey-Westfield. Varsity results are for first place, Litchfield; second place, Charleston; third place, Neoga.

Natural Resources Specialists at Lake Shelbyville presented the top three teams in each division with plaques. Lake Land College Professor Jeff White and his Environmental Science students assisted the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in grading the tests and monitoring the division categories. This event could not take place without all of their support.

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