In what is billed as a big boost for lake safety, every cove on Lake Sara now has a name.

Monday, the Effingham Water Authority Board unanimously passed a resolution naming more than 50 coves on the lake. Board chairman Jim Boos said naming the coves helps boaters with navigation and communication.

“Emergency services will likely benefit as well,” Boos said. “Many of these names have already been used unofficially.”

Several cove names have obvious origins, such as Community Cove near the lake’s Community Building on the southeast corner of the lake and Town Hall Cove near the Summit Township building on the southwest shore of the lake. Other coves are named for birds — Mallard, Finch, Sparrow — or somebody’s favorite college athletic team — Illini.

Boos said Lake Superintendent Gene Arnold would settle any name disputes with board oversight.

Also Monday, the Water Quality Committee submitted a proposed water quality survey to the board. Committee member Brad Hastings said the survey would be sent to lake-area households next month. Hastings said after the meeting the survey is being conducted to determine how to maintain the lake’s water quality and what lease holders can do.

“There are a number of things that should be done with water and drainage systems,” Hastings said. “We put the survey together to make people aware of what they should be aware of.”

Board member Rob Brown said some questions on the survey might hit a little close to home for some residents.

“There’s probably some things people won’t want to answer,” Brown said.

Also Monday, the board tabled an ordinance that would regulate home-based businesses. Board attorney Tony Siemer shared ordinances from Effingham and Nashville, Tenn., but warned the board both ordinances were passed before the advent of Internet-based businesses.

“I believe you should take into account Internet sales,” he said.

The board also tabled a motion to sell temporary boat stickers to people wishing to use the lake for, as an example, one weekend a year. Boos said fishing tournament organizers would use the lake more often if the temporary stickers were available. But the board decided it wasn’t cost-effective to print the stickers until fall, when the season stickers are printed.


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