Beecher City Drama Club to perform

BEECHER CITY — Beecher City High School Drama Club presents “Hurricane Smith and the Garden of the Golden Monkey” by Ted Kelly at 7 p.m. Friday, April 20, in the high school gymnasium.

Tickets are $3 for adults and $2 for students.

The play is about a young screenwriter who tries to persuade a snotty director to buy her play about Hurricane Smith.

“Hurricane Smith and the Garden of the Golden Monkey” is a parody of the Indiana Jones movies. Hurricane’s father disappeared 20 years ago on an adventure and after a visit from a mysterious stranger, Hurricane Junior goes on an adventure to find his father. The adventure includes plane crashes, Cobra People, The Pot of Death, The Pit of No Return and evil villains of all kinds.

This comedy is meant to keep you laughing throughout the play.

Cast members include, front row from left, Heather Shelton, Hayli Summers, Randi Lilly, Trenton Rexroad, Kayla Ohnesorge and Roma Ryan; second row, Clay Evans, Matt Kline, Deano Tull, Shawna Myers, Cassie Power, Brittany Zacha, Hilary Shields, Ramsey Stepp, Caleb Chamoun and Mitch White; third row, Doug Kelly, Catlin Arnold, Michelle Niebrugge, Lydia Wendte, Jared Laue, Julie Herrmann, Zack Daugherty, Nick Durbin, Toni Forson, Jaimie Morrison, Dan Baker, Louie deWerdt and Thomas Gardner.


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