The Third Annual Jazz at the Heart Rock will be held from 6:30 to 8 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 26, at Hearts Rock Cafe in the Effingham High School cafetorium. The event, sponsored by Effingham High School Jazz Band, will feature four different jazz groups throughout the evening.

The “come at your leisure” atmosphere will resemble a coffee house, where guests will be free to talk and mingle while enjoying various jazz selections. Light snacks, such as popcorn, soda and desserts will be available to purchase. Admission is free; however, donations at the door are appreciated. The event is open to the public.

The first jazz ensemble to perform will be the Effingham High School High Notes jazz group, under the direction of Mr. Michael Mellott. High Notes jazz group is the newest musical performance group at Effingham High School. This group not only performs jazz and blues, but also performs improvisational pieces and scat songs. Members of “High Notes” are Jessica McCammon, Kathryn Purcell, Hannah Anderson, Bryn Clemons, Abbey Detwiler, Katie Epperson, Jessica Guy, Abby Dougherty, Brandy Johnson, Megan Lamb, Shelly Dial, Brittani Hahn, Kirstin Rohwedder, Austin Bean, Brad Gebben, Jordan Tanner, Keith Sutterfield, Knighton Clark and Andrew Cox.

The second group to perform will be Effingham Jr. High School Jazz Band, under the direction of Mrs. Courtney Leach. Members include Kyle Lustig, Chris McCammon, Jeff Keitel, Shaena Traub, Matthew Herboth, Andy Fielitz, Logan Howell, Travis Fulk, Lauren Stephenson, Logan Talley and Dillon Ruholl.

The last two groups to perform will be the EHS Jazz Band and the EHS Jazz Combo, both under the direction of Mr. Brad Wallace. Both EHS Jazz ensembles are comprised of volunteer members who meet after school one day per week.

The EHS Jazz Band members include Andrew Wilder, Kathlene Reed, Austin Bean, Shelby White, Cassie Rogers, Chris McCammon, Justin Marxman, Abbey Dougherty, Travis Fulk, Justin Stock, Katie Silva, Alison Dougherty, Chance Baker, Ben Poe, Seth Arnold, Taylor Mix, Stephanie Jewett, Taylor Weiser, Matt Clayton, Nick Poe, Drew King, Stephanie Lankford, Candra Hulskotter, Andy Donsbach, Aaron McDevitt, Morgan Whitehurst, Clark Williamson, Austin Traub, Chris Reed, Alec Stevenson, Avery Brooks, Alison Dougherty, Morgan Weiser and Brock Wilkinson.


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