Bryan Kibler

Bryan Kibler

Effingham County State’s Attorney candidate Bryan Kibler says it’s time for a change after eight years of Democrat Ed Deters as the county’s top prosecutor.

“I want to provide a fresh voice for Effingham County,” Kibler said. “Every eight years or so, it’s important that somebody comes in with a fresh perspective and new priorities on how things should be done.”

Kibler was unopposed in the Republican primary. He has pledged to serve only two terms as state’s attorney.

Kibler said Deters doesn’t always make the most consistent decisions, particularly in alcohol-related and juvenile cases.

“I can provide a greater emphasis on consistency and enforcement in those types of cases,” he said.

Kibler said he also would beef up the part of the state’s attorney’s job that includes advising the Effingham County Board on legal matters.

“I think in the past, my opponent has not always given the county board the strongest legal advice,” he said.

Kibler said he has tried every type of case from driving under the influence to Class X drug cases, particularly as Jasper County public defender. He said the county’s greatest crime threat remains alcohol- and drug-related cases.

“I would make alcohol cases a greater issue because we are not consistently enforcing them,” he said.

Kibler accused Deters of occasionally playing favorites in alcohol-related cases.

“I’m not trying to make it personal, but there is a complete lack of consistency in the way alcohol cases have been handled,” he said. “Consistent punishments serve as a great deterrent.”

Kibler would promote rehabilitation over incarceration in some cases for younger offenders or “somebody who shows signs of improvement.

“I’d also place more resources and energy in juvenile justice cases,” he added. “Sometimes it doesn’t seem like we try as hard as we should in those cases.”

Kibler favors enhancing the public’s quest for information from the state’s attorney’s office by putting information on a Web site about pending cases, as well as new laws. He also would expand the time members of the public can visit with a representative of the state’s attorney’s office.

“I’d possibly expand office hours to a third afternoon to help people resolve minor cases before they have to hire an attorney,” he said.

The state’s attorney’s office presently has open office hours two afternoons a week.

Kibler, 28, was raised in Effingham and graduated from Effingham High School before receiving a bachelor’s degree in political science from Northern Illinois University and a law degree from Southern Illinois University School of Law in Carbondale.

He is a member of the Illinois State Bar Association and is a football official licensed by the Illinois High School Association.

Kibler and wife Jennifer have two young daughters.

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