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May 2, 2013

Split decision

Effingham Daily News

---- — ALTAMONT -- Back in the fall, Neoga’s Tim Mueller and St. Anthony’s Kevin Wiedman coached their respective cross country teams to a deadlock in the National Trail Conference meet. In the end, the Indians took the tiebreaker.

It was only fitting then, that when the two coaches clashed again on Tuesday at the NTC track and field meet, it again came down to the wire. Duking it out at Altamont, it took nearly four hours of events to determine who the best boys track team in the National Trail Conference was on Tuesday. When the dust cleared, St. Anthony had earned 143 total points and was awarded the conference plaque, while Neoga was close behind with 132.

Only that wasn’t the end, as the scorekeepers looked over an event win by Neoga’s Corey Kersey in the long jump, failing to score the Indians appropriately. The misjudging called for a full recount of the events, with no winner being declared as of press time Tuesday night. After meticulously rescoring each individual event, the new team totals were released on Wednesday morning, with St. Anthony and Neoga both finishing at 142 total points. Indeed, there was a tie.

“I told him, ‘I’m getting sick of tying you Tim,’” Wiedman said. “It’s just funny, you have this big meet with seven teams, who knows how many points available, and to go out with the same amount of points? It shows how tight the competition was.”

Though the Bulldogs had to concede the cross country trophy following the tiebreaker, this final results will stand. Neoga and St. Anthony each stand atop the NTC, as dual winners of the conference.

“We knew Neoga was going to be our toughest competition,” Wiedman said. “We had seen them one other time this year, we knew going in every Neoga runner you beat is going to help.”

St. Anthony made its biggest push on the track in the long-distance events.

Peter Keller and Andrew Gardewine turned in two straight 2-3 finishes in both the 1600 and 3200 meters to get things rolling for the Bulldogs. In the hurdles, Matt Gibson placed third in both the 110 and 300 meters.

The other main point-scoring events came in the field, where St. Anthony took a 1-2 finish in the pole vault. Nick Wortman took first by clearing 11 feet, and Sam Wortman placed second with a 9-foot effort.

“We don’t have pole vaulting, so we were out of points right there,” Neoga coach Tim Mueller said. “We also didn’t have anyone high jumping for us.”

With no Indians in the high jump, St. Anthony again finished 1-2 for 18 more points. Patrick Martelli won the conference crown with his 5 foot, 10-inch leap, and Nick Wortman placed second at 5 feet, 8 inches.

“We got several breaks,” Wiedman said. “I’m thrilled with a tie, and I know (the kids) will be just as thrilled. They all performed really well.”

Other notable St. Anthony performances included Derek Rios’ second-place showing in the shot put and Kyle Hartke’s third-place finish in the 400.

“Kyle was ranked fifth or sixth coming in,” Wiedman said. “He ended up going third. We were going to have to have a lot of things go our way.”

Neoga wouldn’t be denied its rightful place near the top, however, as the Indians took firm control of the sprints. Derek Williamson picked up wins in the 100 and 200-meter dash, winning the shorter sprint by more than half a second.

“I kind of figured we had them in the sprints,” Mueller said. “I knew they may have us in the distance with Peter and (Andrew) Gardewine.”

Neoga kept the crowd sweating a tight finish in the relays, winning the 4x100, 4x200 and 4x800. The Indians narrowly missed a clean sweep, finishing second in the 4x400.

Corey Kersey, on top of his somehow overlooked long jump, also notched a win in the triple jump, launching 43 feet, 4.5 inches for the victory.

“These boys have been working hard all season long,” Mueller said. “We knew it was going to be tough.”

At the end of the meet, Wiedman and the Bulldogs were awarded the title, before Kersey’s mistake was discovered by Mueller.

“We knew this year we had enough good people running,” Wiedman said. “They gave us the plaques, but last year they had to re-score as well.”

The host team finished third on the afternoon, as Altamont was led by Andrew Sharp’s wins in the 1600 and 3200 meter runs. Easton Hanna was solid in the hurdles, winning the 110 meters with a time of 15.54. Hanna placed second in the 300, narrowly losing to Stew-Stras’ Jason Becker.

On top of Becker’s work in the 300-meter hurdles, Jason Fry won the shot put with a throw of 46 feet, 8 inches to help the Comets land in fourth in the final standings.

Cowden-Herrick placed fifth, and the Hornets were led by Adam Doty’s second-place showing in the 200-meter dash. The boys 4x100 team finished second as well.

The Blue Devils of Windsor finished sixth, with a strong showing from Jacob Pfeiffer. Pfeiffer finished second in both the long jump and triple jump, notching best efforts of 20 feet, 1.5 inches and 42 feet, 4.5 inches, respectively.

St. Elmo rounded out the competition with 19 points, with Curt Frailey placing fourth in the 100-meter dash and fifth in the 200-meter dash.


1. Neoga (N) 142, 1. St. Anthony (SA) 142, 3. Altamont (A) 108, 4. Stewardson-Strasburg (SS) 57, 5. Cowden-Herrick (CH) 43, 6. Windsor (W) 38, 7. St. Elmo (SE) 19


100-meter dash - 1. Williamson (N) 11.10, 2. Abernathy (N) 11.69, 3. Doty (CH) 11.83, 4. Frailey (SE) 11.94, 5. Barnes (CH) 12.01, 6. Greene

(SA) 12.06

200-meter dash - 1. Williamson (N) 23.05, 2. Doty (CH) 23.94, 3. Barnes (CH) 24.20, 4. Abernathy (N) 24.23, 5. Frailey (SE) 24.33, 6. Blythe

(SS) 24.44

400-meter dash - 1. Williamson (N) 49.61, 2. Kuhns (A) 54.84, 3. Hartke (SA) 57.13, 4. Durbin (A) 57.83, 5. Miah (N) 58.33, 6. Spraul (SA)


800-meter run - 1. Gardewine (SA) 2:03.90, 2. Walk (N) 2:04.58, 3. Sefton (SE) 2:12.33, 4. Spraul (SA) 2:13.89, 5. Durbin (A) 2:18.61, 6. Tabbert (SS) 2:20.34

1600-meter run - 1. Sharp (A) 4:38.88, 2. P. Keller (SA) 4:41.39, 3. Gardewine (SA) 4:50.68, 4. Walk (N) 5:03.19, 5. Evans (N) 5:16.67, 6. Whitt (A) 5:18.49

3200-meter run - 1. Sharp (A) 10:04.40, 2. P. Keller (SA) 10:12.90, 3. Gardewine (SA) 10:46.20, 4. Evans (N) 11:25.52, 5. Deadmond (A) 13:36.90, 6. Ewida (SS) 14;33.80

110 hurdles - 1. Hanna (A) 15.54, 2. Becker (SS) 17.12, 3. Gibson (SA) 18.12, 4. Probst (N) 18.50, 5. Arnold (CH) 19.52, 6. Barns (A) 23.52

300 hurdles - 1. Becker (SS) 42.77, 2. Hanna (A) 44.80, 3. Gibson (SA) 45.30, 4. Probst (N) 45.72, 5. Hakman (SA) 48.83, 6. Celestino (A) 54.47

4x100 - 1. Neoga 44.55, 2. Cowden-Herrick 47.97, 3. St. Anthony 49.19, 4. Altamont 59.68, 5. Windsor 1:01.63

4x200 - 1. Neoga 1:36.53, 2. Stewardson-Strasburg 1:41.27, 3. Altamont 1:42.29, 4. St. Anthony 1:44.49, 5. Windsor 1:59.11

4x400 - 1. Altamont 3:41.90, 2. Neoga 3:42.12, 3. St. Anthony 3:47.56, 4. Windsor 4:33.22, 5. St. Elmo 5:12.00

4x800 - 1. Neoga 9:04.29, 2. Altamont 9:18.74, 3. St. Anthony 10:44.02, 4. Windsor 11:23.90

High jump - 1. Martelli (SA) 05-10, 2. Wortman (SA) 05-08, 3. Jackman (A) 05-06, 3. Pfeiffer (W) 05-06, 5. Durbin (A) 05-02, 6. Kemme (CH) 05-00

Pole vault - 1. N. Wortman (SA) 11-00, 2. S. Wortman (SA) 10-00, 3. Deadmond (A) 09-00, 4. Kemme (CH) 08-00

Long jump - 1. Kersey (N) 20-09.75, 2. Pfeiffer (W) 20-01.5, 3. Barnes (CH) 18-07.5, 4. Hakman (SA) 17-11.5, 5. Ballinger (SS) 17-07, 6. Greene (SA) 17-04.5

Triple jump - 1. Kersey (N) 43-04.5, 2. Pfeiffer (W) 42-04.5, 3. Becker (SS) 39-03, 4. Smith (W) 37-03, 5. Kuhns (A) 35-09.5, 6. Hakman (SA) 35-03

Shot put - 1. Fry (SS) 46-08, 2. Rios (SA) 41-04.5, 3. Brandenburg (N) 38-05, 4. Esker (SA) 36-02.5, 5. Seidel (A) 34-08, 6. Smith (W) 34-03

Discus - 1. Fry (SS) 139-05, 2. Brandenburg (N) 121-07, 3. Seidel (A) 107-05.5, 4. Oberlink (SE) 92-02, 5. Esker (SE) 91-03, 6. Feezel (SE) 84-06