Scarecrow Daze and Balloonfest activities were held in Shelbyville over the weekend despite strong winds, rain and dense fog.

"I think everybody banded together and was able to adjust," said Kevin Bernson, coordinator of the Touchstone Energy Balloonfest at Lake Shelbyville. "I think it turned out really well considering the conditions."

Hot air balloons didn't go up until Sunday morning when take-offs were moved from a fog-shrouded beach to the airport. On Saturday evening, the balloon glow was called off, but "tiki torch burns," helicopter rides, and people dressed in superhero costumes provided entertainment for families gathered at the airport.

Pending rain on Friday kept balloons from soaring through the sky, but a balloon glow, live band, science fair and tethered rides provided entertainment for 1,300 to 1,500 attendees at the Visitor's Center, Bernson said.

The Scarecrow Daze parade was battered by winds Saturday morning, but it continued as scheduled. Vendors lining Main Street battled to keep their items held down, but they still were open to customers.

Bernson thanked the community for its support Monday following the weekend of wild weather.

"The weather this weekend was definitely the weirdest of the weird," he said. "This is a huge community event. If the community didn't get behind this, we couldn't do it. They understand the risk with the weather, but year after year they do more."

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