Effingham Daily News, Effingham, IL

January 18, 2013

Lindenmeyer to return to Stew-Stras as superintendent

Jackson Adams
Effingham Daily News

STRASBURG — The Stewardson Strasburg School Board voted on a new superintendent.

At the meeting Thursday, board members voted unanimously to approve former principal Michele Lindenmeyer for the position. Lindenmeyer formerly served as the Stew-Stras High School principal for four years.

"She's highly thought of and she won't come in with a high learning curve or needing to learn the ropes," said board president Bob Schlechte. "That's something that was really important for us. She's highly motivated, and she's passionate about this district and she wanted to come back here."

As well as hiring a new superintendent, the board discussed continual issues facing the district, such as further building improvement projects and additional opportunities for co-oping with other districts.

Although the board recently voted on a partial athletic co-op with Windsor schools, discussions are ongoing with Neoga School district on a potential academic co-op and creating an agreement both districts could benefit from.

"We left there with the ball in their court on what things we can do with them," said Stew-Stras High School Principal Mark Giertz on the recent meeting with Neoga. "So we're going to get together with the board and talk to them in February about what we'll be able to share."

Giertz said although the meeting with Neoga Superintendent Charles Castle was short, he thinks there are opportunities for both districts to benefit from a co-op.

"A lot of positive things were shared in a very short time period," he said. "We've got something. They're wanting to work together."

Members of the Stew-Stras board will meet with Neoga in early February and bring further information on the co-op to the board meeting on Feb. 21.

Also, the board discussed construction complications in the high school, particularly in relation to temperature in the computer lab and the hallways. Further examination of these problems could cost the district up to $14,000 that could be reimbursed later. 

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