Effingham Daily News, Effingham, IL

January 8, 2013

Fellow Jasper school board candidates object to petitions

Jackson Adams
Effingham Daily News

NEWTON — With consolidated elections still months away, four objections filed with the Jasper County School Board will lead to a hearing as early as next week.

The objection petitions, filed against candidate Don Leventhal, incumbent Holly Farley and two separate objections for Mandy S. Rieman, were filed by fellow candidates Andrew Pullen and Jerry Earnest.

Jasper County Superintendent Dan Cox said these objections are the beginning of a series of events that will play out rapidly.

"It triggers a series of events that eventually comes to a hearing held in the view of the public," he said. "We're really required to do this quickly."

Earnest's objections include stating Leventhal's petitions are not numbered in required places.

Earnest also filed an objection to Rieman's filings which, among other things, state she failed to circle certain areas on her filings and failed to fill in some blanks, including the length of the term she is running for. Pullen's objections to Rieman's filing features identical objections.

Pullen's objection against Farley states she failed to mention on any of her forms what positions she is running for and where she resides.

Filed objections lead to an open hearing by a local electorate board, which could determine whether any breach is "repulsive to the lawful Illinois Election Code," according to the objection petitions.

If it is ruled any of the problems with the filings are unlawful, the candidate's petition is considered invalid and his or her name is removed from the consolidated ballot.

For now, Cox said all the board members and candidates can do is wait for the hearing, tentatively scheduled for Monday.

"At this point, there's really nothing to speculate about," he said. "It's just wait and see."

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