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May 9, 2014

Teutopolis, Fourth grade, Mrs. Scott

Effingham Daily News

TEUTOPOLIS — Number One Mom

For a fact, the most amazing mom is Stacey Dasenbrock. She is the best mom in the whole entire universe. If you don't think she is, I will prove it.

There are lots of reasons why my Mom is the best. One reason is she bought nineteen lllini tickets for me and some of my friends. When we went, it even was a school night. The tickets were each thirty dollars. Another reason why my Mom is so special is she gave me one hundred dollars to buy an Ipad. I already had two hundred dollars. She knew how much I wanted it and was nice enough to give me one hundred more. My ?nal reason why my Mom is so special is that she lets me play on three different challenging baseball leagues. They are Teutopolis Park District, Effingham Park District, and Teutopolis traveling team. Most kids do not get to play three different challenging leagues. This is why my Mom is so special.

There are millions of reasons why moms are the best, but if you read my three reasons you will know why Stacey Dasenbrock is the best. My mom is the best Mom ever, and that is why she should be selected for Mother of the Year.

Kayden Althoff

The Best Mom Ever

Do you know how nice my mom, Michelle Beckman is? I think she should definitely be Awarded Mother of the year. She is the best Mom a kid could have. My Mom is incredibly nice.

There are many reasons why my mom is so nice. First of all, she is willing to help anyone. One time my neighbor was out of baking flour, she asked my mom if she had any flour. My Mom said yes, and gave her the whole bag of flour. She is also a entrepreneur. My mom has her own business. lt is called Log Cabin Quilting. What she does ls make quilts for people who want to buy a quilt. My mom is also an amazing cook. When she makes pancakes she puts bacon in them. My mom is an amazing person.

Now you know why my Mom is so special. Award my mom for her hard work and dedication.

Please name Michelle Beckman as Mother of the Year.

Jack Beckman

The Helping Mom

Tracy Blackwell, my mom, should be named the Mother of the Year because she is very helpful. Without a doubt, I think my mother should be winner.

My mother helps bake for the church breakfast. She always bakes pies or different types of cakes for it. My mother helps my Grandma by doing laundry, doing her dishes, and by helping her around the house. Finally, my mother also dusts, vacuums the floor, washes off the pews, and cleans the baby-sitting room for the church. Mom is the most helpful person I know.

My mother cleans the church, helps my grandma, and bakes for the church breakfasts. Lastly, my mother should be the Mother of the year because she is definitely giving and helpful to others.

Lauren Blackwell

The Greatest Mother

Hey! Do you know who has the greatest mom? It's me. I think my mom Holly Buenerkemper should win the Mother of the Year, because she is an amazing mother.

My mom is a wonderful helper. My mom helps me with my homework such as math and social studies and even checks my homework. My mom lets me do fun activities. My mom is super nice to let me fish and hunt with my dogs. My mom volunteers at events. My mom is nice to run in the Relay For Life so they can raise money to help to stop cancer.

My mom is a wonderful helper. She lets me do exciting activities, and she volunteers her time to help others.

I want you to pick my amazing mother to win this contest.

Lane Buenerkemper

My Mom is the Real Deal

"Follow your dream wherever it takes you. Let no one stand in your way." said my mom (Jennifer Hutmacher) when I got made fun of at school. My mom should be awarded Mother of the Year because she is a successful entrepreneur. She is also loving and makes good choices. Judges, you should do the honor of awarding my mom Mother of the Year.

My mom is very smart. I am not trying to brag, but she is a very successful entrepreneur. She grooms dogs and cats for a living. Her business is called "Diamonds in the Ruff". All of her costumers love the way she grooms the animals’ hair. She always takes her time and does a good job. My mom,

Jennifer, is very kind hearted and loving. When someone feels sad she always makes them feel better.

One time, I was having trouble with some of my friends, and she made me feel better instantly. In case you have not noticed, my mom makes very good choices. When people told her she should not groom, she was determined and started grooming anyway. Now look how successful she is!

My wonderful mom should be awarded Mother of the Year because she is very successful, makes good choices, and makes people feel good. You should choose my mom to be the Mother of the Year. If you have not noticed, my mom is the real deal!

Anna Carrell

Best Mom Ever!

"Mom, guess what?”


"You just won Mother of the Year!”


My Mom, Rachel Collins, should definitely win Mother of the Year. Imagine how happy she would be if she was to win.

Many reasons support why my Mom should be Mother of the Year. My Mom works super hard work and still always finds time to do fun things with my brother and me. Sometimes we go out to eat, go to the movies orjust have quality family time at home. My Mom is also really playful and funny.

She always laughs when my brother or I do something funny. She is very reasonable too. Nights when I have a lot of homework to do, my Mom lets me skip practicing my piano. To make up for less piano time, I have to practice piano ten minutes more the next night. All of these reasons easily show why my mom, Rachel Collins, must be the Mother of the Year.

My Mom works really hard, she is funny and playful, and she is super reasonable also! Why not name my mom the 2014 Mother ofthe Year?

Aubrey Collins

My Mom is so Amazing!

My Mom, Gail Hardiek, sings in the car. She always makes me laugh. Gail is the funniest person ever! She is so helpful and loving. I love her! She totally deserves to be the Mother of the Year.

My Mom lets me have a lot of sleepovers. I get to have one every three months. Also, she lets me have four people over at a time. When I have my friends over, Mom lets us do whatever we want to.

Also, we get to stay up all night. My Mom helps me take care of my dog, DiDi. When I first got my dog, she said that she would not help me take care of her, but she does anyway! She feeds, waters, and lets her in and out if the house. Mom also pays for DiDi’s haircuts and pets her a lot. My Mom helps take care of Grandma. When Grandma was in the hospital, we always came to visit her, and when my grandma came out of the hospital, Mom stayed the night with her. Also, every Monday, mom and I go over to Grandma's house and take her supper and play cards. My mom sometimes takes my grandma to my aunt or uncle's house because she does not drive much. My Mom is so helpful and nice.

Mom lets me have people over and helps take care of DiDi and Grandma. My Mom is the most helpful, fun person ever! Please consider naming Gail Hardiek as Mother of the Year.

Isabella Hardiek

The Chosen One

Does anyone know that out of all the Moms in the world, mine's the best? My Mom, Stacey Hoene, should be Mother of the Year because she is like no other!

There are millions of reasons why my Mom should be Mother of the Year, but I will just name three. My Mom is super unique. If my siblings and I get all of our chores done, we get to pick out of a prize box! Not many Moms do that with their kids. She is also a helpful person because every time I see her she's helping me, my siblings or my family members. Does your mom help that much? My Mom is just so... nice because she loves me, and I love her. We get along so well, but most of all she's tells me I am her favorite along with my brother and sister as well. Do you get told that?

All these amazing reasons surely explain to everyone that my Mom is the best Mom in the world. Judges, please award my Mom for Mother of the Year. There's no Mom better than mine!

Grace Hoene

The Giver

Did you know, Judy Huelsing, that of all the mothers out of the whole world, mine is the best. My Mom should receive the Mother of the Year because she is very loving,and she helps my family out a lot.

First of all, my mother is very helpful. When someone is sick, she cooks for them. If my neighbor is sick, my Mom cooks for them. If my aunts or uncles are sick she will cook for them. My Mom is always assisting people. Also, my Mom is always a giver to my sisters and I on homework. She is a support to my grandpa and grandma by taking them places. My Mom volunteers a lot with things. She volunteers a lot for chaperoning on field trips. She also volunteers for taking things to people's houses too.

In the end, my Mom is helpful when others are sick, she is always assisting people, and she is so unselfish in helping out my grandma and grandpa. My mom is a special Mother of the Year because of how she always gives and helps out others.

Sidney Huelsing

An Amazing Mother

”WOW! You are going all that wayjust to help someone?" My mom, Leslie, is the best. She will go hours away to help strengthen someone or to help others. She is an incredible volunteer at our church. For these reasons, my mom is an amazing person!

First of all, Leslie helps out people at their houses to feel better. My mom is a physical therapist and assists people after surgery or accident. She helps them walk, feel better, and get healthier. My mom also volunteers to clean at the church. She volunteers a lot and does a great job of it every time.

She sweeps the floor, dusts the statues, and cleans the benches. At last, she teaches third grade religion every Wednesday night. My mom does it every single year and does a wonderful job. The kids listen to her, have fun with her, and learn new things about religion with her. Doesn't my mom sound like an

amazing person?

My mom is the best by helping people when they are sick, out of the hospital, and after accidents, cleans at the church, and teaches third grade religion. For all these reasons, my mom is the best choice for Mother of the Year.


My Mom is the Best!

Mother of the Year? My mom, Teri Jansen, is the most incredible mom who could win the Mother of the Year. I think the judges should choose my mom because she is the best mom in the world.

The first reason is she helps me when I need help. She helps me do my homework. Also, she helps me practice for sports. The second reason she is the best mom is she helps the elderly. She takes food to my grandma. She visits my grandma when she doesn’t feel good. The third reason is she works

hard at home and at work. Usually, she gets up at 4:00am and does laundry for our family. She goes to the store at 12:00am and buys food for us. She also works with kindergarten kids all day long! My mom is a workaholic!

She helps me, helps my grandma, and works hard for my family. My mom is the greatest mom in the world!

Lana Jansen

2014 Mother of the Year

When I think of my Mom I remember her helping people, donating, and assisting with religion.

My Mom is such a great person! My Mother should definitely be Mother of the Year. Cindy Konkel is Mother of the Year in my heart.

I can share a few reasons why my Mother is such a great person. First, my Mom helps out with religion. My Mom teaches religion at my school every Monday and Thursday. Second of all, my Mom donates lots of things. My Mom likes to donate clothes and books to Catholic Charities. Also, she donates to many other places. Finally, my Mom helps out the elderly. My Mom helps the elderly because she helps my Grandma out every Thursday. These are just few reasons why my Mom is so admirable.

Therefore, for these and many other reasons my Mom should be Mother of the Year. Judges, you should definitely select my Mother to win this prize.

Derek Konkel

The Best Mom Ever!

Amy, my mom, is the best mom out of the moms. She should go down in the history of moms. My mom is better than anyone's mom!

To start off, my mom plays inside games with me on rainy days, and she plays outside games with me on nice days. We play card games, board games, and lots of other games. For outside games we play catch with a baseball, go bike riding, and lots of other things. Next, she buys me almost everything I want for the holidays, and even sometimes on a regular day. She buys me everything I want for Easter, my birthday, and Christmas. What my mom buys me on regular days is usually a candy bar or a drink. Then she helps me on my work that I do not understand. My mom helps me on reading, math, science, and English. She helps me on my home life, too.

Finally, my mom is the best because she plays games with me. Also, she is amazing because she buys me a lot of items. My mom should be the Mother of the Year!

Gauge Massey

Greatest Mom Ever

I heard about a Mother of the Year award. The good thing about my Mom is that no matter how much my mom, Angie Newlin, works, she always has time for family. I think the judges should choose my mom for Mother of the Year.

Three reasons explain why my mom should be Mother of the Year. She encourages me to play football, baseball, basketball, and soccer. She does that because she knows I want to play a sport when I grow up, so she always cheers me on. No matter what I do, whether I miss a shot or strike out or miss a goal or fumble the ball, mom always supports me. She also plays with me because she knows I need to get better at those sports. When we get at a family reunion in volleyball, we play old against young, and I am on the old side. This is only because she sees that the older kids do not let me have the ball so she makes sure I am on her team.

My mom helps with the things I love, and I help her with the things she loves. I think the judges choose my mom for Mother of the Year. I know for a fact my mom makes me feel very special.

Kobey Newlin

Stephanie, Oh Yeah!

It will be an easy task for me to persuade others about my Mom, Stephanie Niemerg! Try to stop me! I know my Mom would be a prime candidate for Mother of the Year.

First, she is a religion teacher. Every Wed. and Thurs. from 8:05-8:45 she is in my classroom and teaching us. She teaches us as good as an elephant trainer. We play random games from time to time. She never gets to mad at us for doing bad things. Second, she is a very responsible chaperone. She keeps her group all together and in good behavior on most field trips she attends. Yet she still gives us privileges to have some fun. Finally, she volunteers at many places. She does it amazingly well. She encourages my siblings and me to do volunteering, too. She gives us tips from time to time. She lets us do the most fun jobs. These are all the perfect reasons my Mom is amazing.

So, all together she is very informative, responsible and a good volunteer. Please, award my Mom the Mother of the Year honor.

Paul Niemerg

The Best Mother of the Year

There is a person in the world who makes me feel special; this person is my Mom. My Mom's name is Debi Probst, and I think she should be Mother of the Year for many reasons.

First of all, she plans really cool birthday parties. At birthday parties, we have balloon releases and have special cakes or a big cookie. Second of all, she allows me to sing in children's choir and lets me take guitar lessons. I have been into music ever since I was ?ve years old, and Debi supports me in the music I play. Also, she plans neat vacation spots because she always finds the best locations, like the Wisconsin Dells, Indiana Railway, and many more and these places always have very neat activities. My Mom is the best Mom I could ever have.

My Mom should be Mother of the Year for these and many other reasons. I bet other people will want to meet her. Debi is an exciting person, judges. Please choose her for Mother of the Year.

Jackson Probst

Mom of the Year

Would you like to know a great lady? My mom, Lisa Probst, should be named Mother of the Year because she lets me enjoy fun activities, and she helps others.

To begin, mom lets me participate in amazing activities. She lets me have friends over, and we have fun at my house. She rents movies and makes us popcorn. Volunteering is also something that my mom does. She volunteers with the religion program. She is the boss of the program. When a teacher is sick, she takes over the class. My mom is very helpful. She cooks food for neighbors. She helped our neighbors when we had a foot of snow. My mom helped some people when they were in a wreck.

My mom is very selfless because she helps others and takes care of me. Please choose my mom for Mother of the Year!

Riley Probst

My Helpful Mom

Carrie Repking is unselfish and helpful. My mom is the best mom in the whole world. My sisters and I have learned much about helping others because of our mom.

Second, my mom takes us fishing. She hooks the bait. She unhooks the fish. She gets water out of the pond. She helps our neighbors by watching their baby and cleans their house. Mom helps me with homework. Mom is smart and helps me with all subjects and tries her best to help me.

Mom takes us ?shing, helps our neighbors, and helps me with homework. Definitely choose my mom as Mother of the Year.

Kyle Repking

The Best Mom in the World

Do you know who the best mom is? My mom! Ann Swingler, mom, will always be the best mom. My mom is kind, helpful, fun, and happy to have four girls.

First of all, Ann helps out all the time at ASRP (after school religion program). Mom is in charge of ASRP if any of the prizes are left we can have them. Next, Ann pays me an allowance if I clean my room. When I clean my room she pays me $1.00 so every Saturday I earn $1.00. She does that because our messy room is never clean. Last, Ann buys me good books when I want them. When we get book orders, she always buys me one or two. On my birthday I got $35 to buy books. I would have spent all my money, but she said she would pay for some of it. My mom is the best.

Ann Swingler helps out in ASRP, she pays me for chores, and she buys me books. Ann loves me and that is why she pays me money and buys me books. She loves God, and that is why she helps out in ASRP. My mom should win Mother of the Year. She is the best mom anyone could wish for.

Macy Swingler

My Mom Should Win

My Mom, Courtney Tegeler, is a selfless person because she plans amazing activities for our family. You should choose my Mom for Mother of the Year because of the stunning activities she plans for our family.

I can offer three activities she plans for our family. The first activity is that she takes our family to get ice cream four times a week. We go to many places to get ice cream. Some are DQ, Teutopolis Treats, and Steak and Shake. In another activity, Mom takes our family out to eat once a week. We go many places to eat too. Three we go often visit are Buffalo Wild Wings, EL Rancherito, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. The last activity is when she planned and took our family to an Illini game in February. She would have bought me something, but everything was too expensive. Everything was thirty dollars or more. Mom is an amazing activity planner.

My Mom organizes amazing activities between taking us out to get ice cream, to eat, and to see ILLINI games. Please select my Mom for Mother of the Year. Out of all the Moms, please award mine.

Peyton Tegeler

The Best Mom in the World

I often take my Mom for granted, but when I stop and think about it, I realize my Mom is so special. She does a lot of things for me and is really fun. My Mom, Maria Tegeler, should be the Mother of the Year. She is kind and helpful to everyone.

Although I can think of many to mention, there are obvious reasons why my Mom should be Mother of the Year. One reason is my Mom pays for gymnastics classes, drives me to competitions, and buys the new team leotards for gymnastics. Gymnastics can expensive. My Mom buys the wrist and ankle braces because my ankles and wrists hurt from gymnastics. In another way, my Mom teaches and plays basketball with me. I do not know a lot about basketball, so she teaches me moves I do not know. It is fun and challenging to play basketball with my Mom. Last, my Mom helps me and checks me homework so I get good grades. My Mom started to check my math homework, and my math homework grades got better. Sometimes I have trouble on problems, and after I ask for her help, I understand it. Isn't it easy to see why my mom is so special?

My Mom helps me with basketball, checks over my homework, and supports me in gymnastics. My Mom is very helpful and kind. My Mom surely should be named Mother of the Year.

Grace Tegeler

Mother of the Year

I know this lady that gave birth to me. My mom should be named Mother of the Year because she is nice to me. Tabitha K. Golden is a creative lady.

My mom lets me buy good items. My mom buys my brother and me candy. She buys me Bazooka bubble gum. My mom lets me go places. My mom lets me go to the park. The park is by my house. My mom is a good cook. My mom makes me really good goulash. I like it when she makes it.

My mom buys my brother and me candy, she lets me go to the park, and makes me good food. The title of Mother of the Year belongs to my mother.

Dillon Weber