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July 12, 2013

Animal shelter may be adding microchip fee

Bill Grimes Daily News
Effingham Daily News

---- — Pets housed at the Effingham County Animal Shelter may soon have microchips inserted in their bodies.

Animal Control Supervisor Brent Budde said his department would tack on $25 to the $75 adoption fee for a total cost of $100 for pet adoptions. The County Board’s Tax & Finance Committee of the Whole agreed Thursday to recommend the microchip initiative to the full board for consideration next week.

Budde told the committee he got the idea from a training seminar he recently attended. He said he could buy the chips for $8.96 apiece.

The chips, inserted between the pet’s shoulder blades, are designed to help officials identify lost pets through a central database.

“It’s an internal tag that tells us who it belongs to,” Budde said. “Hopefully, this will help more animals get back to their owners.”

Budde assured committee members that his office would not insert the chips in privately owned pets not already at the shelter. That reassured committee Chairman Rob Arnold.

“I don’t want to become the microchip provider for the county,” Arnold said.

Also Thursday, the committee agreed to ask State’s Attorney Bryan Kibler to draft a maintenance policy for county buildings. Illinois law mandates county sheriffs maintain the courthouse and jail, but does not address other county facilities.

Sheriff John Monnet expressed his displeasure with board Chairman Jim Niemann over the way the issue has been handled. Niemann has said he would like to see a written policy of some sort, no matter who is responsible for the buildings.

“My first thought is that I am mad that you are questioning my authority,” Monnet said. “Whenever an office holder needs something done, they all call me.

“I don’t think it’s right that I was left out of the realm,” the sheriff added.

Niemann apologized for any miscommunication, but said he would still like to see the authority in writing.

“However it shakes out, I will be happy,” the chairman said. “I just want something in writing, so people can read it.”

The committee agreed to have Kibler draft an ordinance for further review.

In other action Thursday, the committee recommended that the full board consider several items, including:

• A resolution that allows Effingham County Public Transit to receive a federal grant for $192,418.

• A request by Circuit Clerk John Niemerg to switch annual costs for the Government Center postage machine from his document storage fund to his general fund.

• A resolution allowing the county to distribute replacement tax receipts totaling $110,000 to several county funds.

• Creation of a fund in the Probation Department to make room for a grant that will help start a new Mental Health Court in the county.

• Donation of $1,000 to the Good Neighbors of Lake Sara to help defray costs for the recent fireworks display at the lake.

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