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April 24, 2014

Stew-Stras to upgrade technology

Jackson Adams Daily News
Effingham Daily News

---- — STRASBURG — With no new technology purchased since 2011, new computers will finally be coming to Stewardson-Strasburg Schools starting next year.

Superintendent Michele Lindenmeyer said the district will be rolling out technology in phases over the next three years, allocating $12,500 annually to pay for the upgrades. She said the first priority will be improvements to computers at the elementary school, where many of the older computers have had problems interfacing with the district’s smartboards.

“We’re looking for PCs for our computer labs and in the elementary school,” Lindenmeyer said. “They’re old computers that are running them, and they’re very prohibitive. We’d like to have newer computers running the smartboard.”

Lindenmeyer said future technology updates will be made by evaluating the relative age of computers in the district and replacing the oldest computers first. She said the district is looking to gauge the needs of the teachers. She said one of the priorities will be adding technology that benefits teachers and students rather than forcing teachers to implement new items.

“As far as instruction-wise, I’m not one that wants to buy a lot of toys and tell teachers to use them in the classroom,” she said. “I want them to tell me what kinds of tools they need to teach the curriculum.”

Other changes may be coming for young students within the district. Lindenmeyer said a grant from Eastern Illinois Area of Special Education could bring a prekindergarten special education class to Stewardson-Strasburg schools at no cost to the district.

“They wanted to see if we would do a morning or afternoon and that would provide a room for them to be in,” Lindenmeyer said. “It’s an opportunity to provide another benefit for our students.”

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