Effingham Daily News, Effingham, IL

March 26, 2013

Residents make best of snow despite its late arrival

Nicole Dominique
Effingham Daily News

---- — Effingham residents may have mixed emotions about the recent heavy snowfall, but Steve Thies blames the groundhog better known as Punxsutawney Phil.“I was wanting spring really badly,” he said while shoveling his driveway Monday morning. “This isn't spring.”But Thies did enjoy the accompanying lightning and thunder Sunday. Despite the snow, the storm was a rare treat for him, something one doesn't see every day.Nancy Denney is enjoying the strange weather, although she wishes it could have happened over Christmas.“Happy spring,” she laughed. “But it (the snow) is here, and we might as well enjoy it. I'm not too upset by it."Her small dog, Jasper, was having a tough time doing just that. The roads were clear, but making his way through the snow was a challenge for his short legs.From yard to yard, people were hard at work and at play Monday.“It's fun to make snowmen and forts and have lots of snowball fights,” said 8-year-old Daelyn Dunston. She and friend Jordan Rayl, also 8, were enjoying what they said was a good packing snow – and, of course, the day off from school.Rayl said she had experienced a blizzard a few years ago, and while there wasn't as much snow this time around, she was better able to enjoy it.“It's fun!” she said.Marlene Brandt was also shoveling her driveway, and said the snow was heavier than usual.She couldn't recall such a great snowfall this late in the year.

The snow added a comical element, burying Easter and spring decorations, as the vibrant colors nearly covered in white still shown against the brilliance of the snow.

For some, travel might have been difficult, but Mobility Manager Jennifer Moore of Effingham County Public Transportation said its services do continue in inclement weather.

“We basically go out of county, if needed,” she said. “People still have to get to the doctor.”