Effingham Daily News, Effingham, IL

November 5, 2012

Triathlon training, Week 7

Adam Spencer
Effingham Daily News

EFFINGHAM —      Goodbye, McDonald’s. See you later, Wendy’s. Adios, Subway. Farewell to fast food in general, at least for seven days.

     This week, as a part of my triathlon training, I’m going to avoid eating fast food at all costs.

     It’s going to be easier said than done, of course, especially since I’m craving a warm, juicy McDouble with Big Mac sauce as I sit here writing this.

     But, in the spirit of triathlon training, I’m declaring the week of November 5-11 as “Fast Food Free Week.”

     Instead of chowing down on burgers, subs or pizzas, I’ll be cooking homemade meals for myself. Or, when that fails, I’ll go to a restaurant with a few healthy options.

     Not only will this week help me save some money, it will also help me lose some of the five pounds I’ve gained since moving to Effingham two and a half months ago.

     Ideally, I’d like to get back down to 160 pounds, where I feel my healthiest and perform my best in physical activities. Losing five pounds this week would put me at that mark.

     Of course, it’s going to also help me reach my goal if I can manage to get back on a regular running schedule. I didn’t get back into the swing of my training until Friday of this week.

      Every day this weekend, though, I did something productive. Now, I just need to keep that going while also not eating fast food.

      If I can stick to both of those goals, this week has the potential to be my best training week yet.

      But, with a chance of rain today and tomorrow, we’ll see if Mother Nature lets me get outdoors or not.

      If I have to stay inside, I’ll still be able to work out, I’ll just be severely limited and won’t be able to do any running.

      After Tuesday though, things are supposed to clear up and the end of the week should provide the perfect weather conditions to get outside and go for a few nice, long runs.

     A few good runs should be all it takes to get my training back on track.

     Plus, after reading a story about a mother of 10 who recently ran a marathon in St.      Louis, all my excuses for running seem pretty lame.

     As always, please email me at Adam.Spencer@EffinghamDailyNews.com or tweet me @AdamSpencer4 with any tips or suggestions for my training.