Effingham Daily News, Effingham, IL

September 7, 2012

Kitten's survival story makes her a star

By Miranda Orso
CNHI News Service

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. — Stacey Pulsifer had no idea her kitten’s incredible journey would cause such a feline frenzy.

“It’s just nuts,” she said. “It’s very nice that everyone is so into it. But to me, she is just your average kitten.”

Pint-sized Pumpkin, a 6-week-old feline, endured a 100-mile ride around northeast New York, after getting stuck between the bumper and front end of Pulsifer’s Jeep. Pulsifer was alerted to her small stowaway when she heard the cat crying. With help from friends, she was able to extricate the black kitten.

Then she adopted her.

Following her story in The Plattsburgh (N.Y.) Republican, Pulisfer started receiving phone calls and Facebook messages from other media outlets wanting to know more about Pumpkin’s wild ride.

“She is legitimately famous,” the Plattsburgh woman laughed.

The normally cool kitty hast mostly taken her new fame in stride.

Pulsifer, on the other hand, was a little less calm.

“I’m just overwhelmed right now,” she said.

Pulsifer estimated Pumpkin was stuck behind the bumper for about 22 hours before her rescue.

Since the kitten’s front paw was broken in three places during the ordeal, she can no longer walk on it. The leg will need to be amputated in a few weeks, when she is a bit older.

For now, she sports a bright-pink cast.

So far, Pumpkin has managed to make the best of her disability, Pusifer said.

Recently the frisky feline accomplished a big feat, she noted.

“Pumpkin actually gets a running start, and the next thing you know, she is jumping on the sofa.”


Miranda Orso is a reporter for The Plattsburgh (N.Y.) Republican.